Saturday, October 22, 2016

I'm living- Dental issues after cancer- reposted from my Leukemia blog

Yep.  It can happen.
It is happening to me.

Last night, my mom asked if it was from the cancer, chemo, or just from my genes/oral hygiene.  I have a feeling its a combo of all of that.
But, can I express that I had daily chemo and lots of it...both IV and orally.  During that time, I used a sponge or a baby toothbrush (no joke) and could not floss or use listerine.  I only used Biotene when I could tolerate the taste (let's make that another topic for another day).  The chemo's main goal was to kill off my blood production so my bone marrow would reset, so to speak.  I would stop making platelets, hemoglobins, and especially we wanted my ANC to drop to as close to zero as possible.  I really feel this played a big part in my dental issues today.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

I'm expanding to a new blog this year.

Tomorrow, I turn 40.  Ha, I almost wrote 30.
Today is the last day of my thirties, and the timing couldn't be better.
I've decided to expand to another blog where I promise to write daily the next 365 days (or at least try to).  I want to document 40 for my siblings and to look back on down the road.

Stay tuned, the good posts will also come here, to my general catch-all.