Monday, December 22, 2014

Everybody asks me, "What do you do in the winter?"

Sure, the past couple years I have been "off", but that was the same old question, time after time.
Everyone would ask me how I spend my free time in the winter.  Free time?

Isn't real estate dead in the winter in Northwest Indiana?

Um, well, yes and NO.  Here's the thing:  Many people don't want to put their house on the market during winter.  Its a mess.  You always have to keep the house presentable, and then a blizzard hits and your buyer doesn't show up...or, shows up and leaves a trail of wet snow all over your clean floor because they didn't want to take their boots off.  You packed everyone up, including the dog, and went to McDonalds for an hour...and now you are tired and upset.  Wow, I just went on a rampage, didn't I?

However, I have found that people who are serious buyers do still look in the winter...because they have to.  They have to find something.  Trust me, they would rather be making a french bread pizza and snuggling up with a blanket on their day off in the winter, too, just like you!  On the downside, not everyone who sees your house will want to buy it.  It doesn't mean they aren't serious buyers, they just know what they want...and for whatever reason, your house may not be it.  Don't take it personally or be offended.

So, am I off with free time?  Heck no!  I have a couple listings right now, a serious buyer that needs to find a home to be in before March, general potential client leads to answer to each day, and all my end of the year stuff to do, plus working on my marketing plan for 2015.  That has kept me very busy...what about you?  Even though I don't have a closing this month does not mean I'm not busy.  Realtors and real estate professionals don't just put in their hours and collect a paycheck every two weeks.  It works differently...we might work a file for 3 months before we see a check pertaining to that file.  Sometimes, the file never gets to closing...and we never get paid :(

But, with great risk comes great reward.  Again, I wonder why people take their homes off the market when the most serious buyers are looking, and usually pressed to make a decision.  Its a risk, but will it give you the reward you want?  Think about it.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Just Finished: Debbie Macomber Starting Now

This was my first Debbie Macomber book.  Starting Now: A Blossom Street Novel. 

If you aren't familiar with Debbie Macomber, just turn on the Hallmark Channel.  I learned about Debbie Macomber from the Hallmark Channel.  Then, one nurse at Rush mentioned she was a good author...easy to read, feel good books.  And, this is no different.  It was a feel good book I didn't want to stop reading. 

I enjoyed reading this book because it wasn't a nail biter-- vampire-- sex filled--intense murder mystery-- look up every other word in the dictionary---book.  It was a nice, sweet story with a few twists and turns but nothing major.  Nothing outrageous.  Nothing that gave me nightmares.

Instead, this story made me think about my life.  It prompted me to write on this blog today.  It initiated a review of this past year...looking back to see if I am working toward any of my goals.  Where could I improve?  How can I be more effective in what I do?  Because of this book, I am going to try to be more organized and time efficient---so I can live life and do everything  I want to do.  Today, for instance, I am going to try to create a schedule to follow to accomplish more.

Check it out! 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Blowing off my blogging duties

I've been busy.  I went back to work in June, and even though only part time, it has made a difference.  I am ridiculously tired all the time.  Yet, I want to work more if I can.  The fear of relapsing is scary and real. 

Then, the past few nights, I've been lying in bed telling myself I am going to be okay and I need to start living and stop fearing.  I will die one day, but I don't know when that will be.

So, the last part of the year??  Nothing but living, even if I am dying.

Please join me in living.  Its the new movement...because we are all dying anyways.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

The yummy addiction of Fried Rice

Okay, so it might not be the healthiest meal, but I feel it comes close.  I have been on a fried rice kick for a few months now, its so fast, easy and exciting-- the mixing of flavors, the creativity of picking and choosing my ingredients.  I love it!

Have you ever made fried rice?  Its easy!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Just Switched my cell to Ting. Have you heard of it?

After a month of researching, I made the plunge yesterday and signed up with Ting.
Ting is a cell phone service provider that uses the Sprint network.  Yet, for some reason, their prices are super low.  Maybe its because they don't provide you with a phone.  You can use a Sprint phone or buy a Sprint phone.  When Sprint offers "free" phones, the phones aren't really free because you are paying $80 or more a month for your service.  They calculate the cost of the phone in the pricing, but we never see it that way.

Ting doesn't have different plans to choose from.  They do, however, charge you for what you use...what a concept.  For someone like me that doesn't text a lot, I don't pay for texts I won't send.  I will probably fall into the 1-100 texts, which is a flat $3/month.  If you make/receive 101-1000 texts, its only $5 that month. You can talk 501-1000 minutes/month for only $18.  The best part?? You don't sign up for one tier of usage over just use your phone.  They figure out what you used and bill you accordingly.  I actually just finished setting up alerts on my account (which was super easy) to let me know when I get close to getting to another tier.   That way, if I'm close to the end of my month, I can just decide if I want to keep using or maybe scale back a bit so I don't go over that tier.  In the end, I plan to save big $$$ compared to where I was with Sprint!

The beauty of Ting is that I was able to use my Sprint phone.  That's right, since its on the Sprint network...I can just use my current phone!  No buying a new phone, learning how to use it.  When this phone goes kaput, I will need to buy another Sprint phone.  Ting does sell new and refurbished Sprint phones.  Seems ok to me.  I hate shopping for new phones...wait, I hate making a decision on what new phone to get.  Too many choices!!

If you are interested in Ting, please check their website:

Also, if you decide to try Ting, please click on my referral link below.  You will get $25 when you sign up to put towards buying a phone or off your first bill (if you already have a sprint phone).

If you sign up, Ting will also give me $25 off my next bill, too.  That's a great way to grow a business, don't ya think?!

Can't beat that!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Leukemia Research Foundation Jim Gibbons Memorial 5K run/3K fun walk

Dear Friends and Family,

As many of you know, I have spent the last 16 months fighting a rare form of leukemia, Acute Promyleocytic Leukemia.  When my leukemia was discovered, I had flu like symptoms and large bruises that appeared out of nowhere.  Little did I know, I had days to live without immediate treatment.  I am blessed to say I am in remission, although I am still undergoing maintenance chemotherapy drugs until next October.  It has been a long battle, but I couldn't have done it without the support of my colleagues, friends and family.  Thank you for all your prayers along the way!

I am reaching out to you today asking for your support.  I will be walking as a survivor in the Leukemia Research Foundation's Jim Gibbons 5k run/3k walk in Chicago on June 12. I am walking the 3K in memory and honor of a fellow leukemia patient and friend I made while being treated at Rush, Keith Johns.

Keith was diagnosed the same time as me, Feb 2013.  We were both on the same floor at Rush, and we became friends during our initial month long stay.  Keith was diagnosed with AML (another form of leukemia) and needed a bone marrow transplant.  Keith and I went through our battles together.  We both had turned our rooms into mini studio-style apartments.  His room was plastered with family pictures and goodies from home, as was mine.  We lost our hair at the same time.  We experienced the same sore throats and upset stomachs from our chemo, lovingly termed by the nurses as "the red death".  Yet, he always smiled and waved to everyone in the other rooms.  He was always positive.   Keith did receive his transplant, after lots of chemo, during the summer.  I was lucky enough to also be receiving a round of chemo at the same time as his transplant, so I got to spend a couple more days visiting my friend.  Unfortunately, he had some
complications a few months later and passed away November 28. The news of his passing was incredibly heartbreaking for me.

More than anything, I want to honor my friend by participating in this walk.  The Leukemia Research Foundation is a non-profit that actually provides financial assistance to patients who cannot afford their treatments and/or medications.  It also funds research grants to help find better treatments for all blood cancers.  Last year, LRF provided over $500,000 in grants for research to help cure this devastating disease.  My specific leukemia was a death sentence 20 years ago, but because of groundbreaking research, it now has a 90% survival rate.

Below is a link to my fundraising page.  Please check it out and read my cancer story.  I am reaching out to you today asking for your donation.  I originally set a goal to raise a mere $200, but then I realized I could do better.  Please help me blow the roof on that silly $200!  Your donation will help fund leukemia research and help pay another patient's medical bills.
  No donation is too small. 

If you can't donate, I would love it if you could share my fundraising page with others, or better yet, join me in the walk!

Everyone is touched by cancer.  Everyone.  Whether its an aunt, mother, father, grandparent, friend or coworker...we all know someone that has experienced what I call "Warrior Training".  Not all of us are lucky enough to hear the word CURED.  Leukemia is a cancer that has a general survival rate of about 50%.  50% is TOO LOW!  We can't up that number without research!  I am one of the lucky ones, I heard REMISSION.  I WILL hear CURED in 4 years. 

I am walking in memory of Keith.  Please make your donation in memory and honor of your loved ones who have fought cancer.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thank you, Mr. Ruhlman

Dear Mr. Ruhlman,
I didn't think it was possible.  Onions, a tab of butter, salt, pepper, and water.  Oh, and stale bread and cheese.  A bunch of kitchen staples that melded together to create the absolute best rainy day dinner I have ever had.  Yesterday, I made your French Onion Soup.  I cooked the onions for about 5 hours, until they were brown and deliciously caramelized with wonderful cooked bits on the bottom of the stockpot.

I wish I had a picture of my masterpiece, but BD and I ate it too quickly last night for dinner.  It was the best french onion soup I ever had.  BD actually blended his with a immersion blender, because he doesn't like the texture of the onions, but I loved it.  We both ate it up and wished I made more.

This morning, my tummy is tellling me different, but that's because I indulged.  And, for the calorie counters-- its seriously low in calories (with the exception of the bread and cheese) but amazingly filling and full of flavor.  I can't believe we didn't add anything but water to the onions (and salt and pepper).

Thank you, Michael Ruhlman.  Thank you for introducing me to the wonderful world of simplistic cooking.  There is a special art to this wonderful comfort food, anyone can do it...I just wish I had a picture to show everyone.  I ate too quickly!

For those who don't know Ruhlman, please visit his website:  He is frequently seen alongside Anthony Bourdain on his many different incantations of his show.  He also authors many amazing cookbooks, including my boyfriend's (BD) favorite:
Charcuterie: The Craft of Salting, Smoking and Curing by Michael Ruhlman and Brian Polcyn

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

© | Dreamstime Stock Photos

What are your plans for Easter?  It is an absolutely beautiful day, and I have already been to church and soon heading out to see my family.  

This is a day to be grateful for what we have and to rejoice in the power of God.  

I wish everyone a wonderful and happy Easter.  Enjoy your day!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Along the way...

Waiting for Frank to get out of bed, thought I would consider this a journal experience for a few minutes. 
Today is going to be a wonderful day!  We might hit the 30s!!  I can't wait, but I am a bit nervous about the fresh snow from yesterday and the sun...its wildy too bright lately for my eyes.  Seems to trigger the worst migraine headaches.  My doctors tell me its from the ATRA pills, but it doesn't help that I've had migraines my entire life. 
Going to lunch with Mom at Cici's pizza buffet today.  Taking Frank to the park for a walk (if he ever gets out of bed), going to visit my pals at the office and finally work out, work on my sister's birthday present and do some organizing for tax time.

ahhh....thank goodness BD is also having a busy work day himself.  That gives me time to make a mess around the

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Recipe: Chicken and Mushrooms - Easier than you think!

Let's give credit where credits due:  I saw this page in the February Good Housekeeping and couldn't resist trying it for (of all nights) Valentine's Day Dinner with BD.  Thank you Good Housekeeping!! AMAZINGLY GOOD!!  FRENCH RESTAURANT GOOD!!
February 2014 Good Housekeeping

I saw this recipe for Herbed Skillet Chicken and thought of it as a suggestion or outline, a basic skeleton of a recipe that can easily be tweeked by the comfortable cook.  Here is what I came up with!
Look at all that yummy sauce and beautifully roasted skin!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

There are those days

Everyone has bad days.  Today is just one of those days for me.  I can't really explain it, its just that kinda day where I want to eat dinner, take my pills and go to bed.  It feels like 10 am, even though its after 3 pm.  At least things are moving along. 

I don't feel like working out, but my body needs to.  I started knitting a sweater yesterday and unraveled it today.  A lot of knitters call that "frogging".  I think that word sounds funny, so I like to use "unravel".  I'm not very motivated, yet I managed to organize all my vehicle mileage for my taxes. 

I'm worried about my sister and her last month and a half of her pregnancy.  I'm excited but scared.  I'm so worried that something bad will happen to her.  This is her second child but she has had a few complications. 

I also just wish my life was back to normal.  I want to go backwards in time and just be how I was before I got sick.  I'm sure that's a common feeling for those battling a major illness, but it just sucks.  I want to go back to work.  I want to be normal (what I thought was normal for me). 

I just needed to vent.  I am sure I will be in a better mood tomorrow.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

I'm slacking and its just the first week of February!!

I am such a slacker.  I blame it all on the flu shot I got on Tuesday.  Its Thursday morning and I still have a red circle on my arm at the injection site.  Its a bit sore, but I anticipated that.  I am more surprised it is still red.  I looked online at the cdc website, and it says the redness and soreness can last 3-7 days.  Yikes!  That seems like a long time.

Frank is still sleeping.  I am ready to wake him up, we need to get moving today.  I have big plans to vacuum the living room and kitchen.  I also want to work on another crochet or knitting project, possibly a hat.

That's about all I have today.  For now.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

One Year life was saved

One year ago today, I went to Urgent Care thinking I had the flu and was a bit anemic.  Instead, I was informed (bluntly) I had leukemia with only days to live, and an ambulance rushed me to a hospital in Chicago.  I spent 5 weeks in the same hospital room.  I had my gallbladder removed a couple days later, a hickman port installed in my chest with three tubes hanging out of it.  I lived attached to an IV that went with me everywhere.  I lost my hair.  I got used to vomiting (often).  I went from a probiotic and multivitamin every morning to over 10 pills with breakfast alone.  I experienced chemotherapy (a lot of it).  I found out what health insurance really is and what they cover.  I learned to fight for myself.  I learned that the drug that saves me costs $5,000 out of pocket each month.  Yep.  I learned a lot.


Today is the anniversary I got my life back.  I almost died, but the wonderful doctors and amazing nursing staff saved my life.  This past year has been a gift.  I promised God one year ago today that I would make a difference in this world, and I wasn't ready to die.  I hope God knows I am trying to move in the right direction.  I've walked and raised money for the Humane Society.  I've walked for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  I've made cookies for others in chemo.   I've made cookies for a bake sale to help another person overwhelmed by medical issues and bills.  I've tried to be more helpful.  I care more about others than I ever did before.

This is only the beginning. 

I am happy to wake up each and every morning.  I love life and can't wait to get back to living!  I am committed to continue helping others through their own cancer story, as they heal so they can get back to living.

I am ever so grateful.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

How Can I make a difference in the world?

I ponder that  question all the time.  I am always searching for a way to make my mark on the world.  What's wrong with me?

Yesterday, I had this thought about making a regular thing of delivering cookies to the chemo bar.   That's all.  I just want to make someone's day, and I know my cookies are good and can put a smile on someone's face.  Plus, it gives me an excuse to go visit and talk to everyone. But, then, I googled, "Cancer for Cookies" and "cookies for chemo".  I looked up other non-profits to see if there was anything local or if that name was available.  I suddenly in my head formed my own non-profit and visualized me baking cookies with others and delivering them all over the a growing superstar of a corporation, holding fundraisers, recruiting volunteers, even having a silent auction!  I can't just be simple. 

Then, this morning, it kinda became clear, as I was in the middle state where you are just waking up, but still remember what you dreamt about five minutes earlier.  It dawned on me, that its not about making your mark in the world.  Its about helping.  Do I want to be "known" or "popular" or do I want to help another?  High school and popularity has been over with for twenty years, Lisa, hasn't it?  I wasn't popular then, but I wanted it so badly.  I think that craving never left.  I'm scared that craving never left and that's why I do what I do half the time. 

I realized I need to put this in perspective:
I don't want any awards and I'm not looking for praise for making cookies.
I really like to bake.
I like to feel like I am doing good and helping someone.
I am going through cancer, and I know what chemo feels like and what it does to you.
I can relate.
It makes me feel better to bake.
My cookies are pretty good.
Cookies are pretty inexpensive and well appreciated when you are in chemo for 3-6 hours at a time.

So, I just re-wired my brain.  Just now.  Yes, Lisa, you can make a difference and help others.  You will feel awesome about yourself, just by seeing the smiles of the other cancer patients when you drop off cookies.  Its not about the recognition.

See, that's it:  Its not about the recognition.  I think a lot of people do things for the recognition.  A charity run or get this tshirt...a show off item, so you can get recognized.  I raised money for jump rope for heart when I was younger-- I did it so I could hang out with my friends after school and get neat (krappy) prizes.  I didn't do it to help those with heart disease or heart research.  Nowadays, I donate and do things for the humane society because I firmly believe they are a good organization.  Frank came from there, and I used to volunteer there (years ago before I got frank).  Now, I try to drop off treats, food, blankets, and paper towels and such when there is a good sale to try to help them out when I can.  I don't do it for the recognition.  I do it because I love the animals and I hate seeing these dogs and cats homeless and in cages.  I do it because I want those animals to have a good treat or toy or blankie all their own until they get a great home.

We all have something we care deeply about.  Everyone can make a difference in their own way.  Isn't that what social responsibility is?  Not just recycling and upcycling and being environmentally conscious, but also being morally uplifting?  I don't want to call it anything other than that.  Morally uplifting. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Homemade Hot Chai Tea

Gosh I miss Borders.  I used to go to Borders and get their hot chai tea all the time.  For years.  No other place made chai tea to my liking.  Since Borders has been closed for some time, it kinda hit me today to try my hand at making my own chai tea.
Here is how I made my own at home (very easy):

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I'm Hooked: Gavin & Stacey

Have you seen this BBC show, Gavin & Stacey? It only lasted three seasons, but I'm completely and utterly hooked. I've been watching it on Amazon Prime, and wish it was still on. Its like Modern Family meets Friends. I've wasted the entire morning watching episodes from season three.  The show revolves around Gavin and Stacey...a couple that met on the phone at their lives in Essex and the other in Barry Island, Wales.  It follows their relationship and its quite hilarious.  The writers of the show play the best friends of the two, respectively.
Part of why I like it is the fun cheekiness of the England and Welsh accents and slang. Its proper, truth be told!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Why do our insecurities and fears come out in our dreams?

Is this true with everyone, or just something I'm noticing of late due to all the drugs I'm on?  Last night I remember 2 very distinct dreams.  So vivid, I can't shake them (lately this has been how I spend part of every day).
In dream one, the zombies were after us.  BD, Frank, and I were living in a house where there were already some zombies, and BD found a way to cure the zombies.  He took vegetables, similar looking to celery, broke them open, and an oily substance poured out of them.  We covered ourselves in this oil, and it protected us from zombie bites or infections.  It also healed the zombies.  Who would have guessed vegetable oil?  It was a hectic dream with people living in small quarters, sharing rooms, lots of mad crazy fight for your life kinda stuff.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Rye Bread

Today, I am feeling a bit better so I tried my hand at Rye bread.  King Arthur Flour's website _ is wonderful and gave me the inspiration today.
Here is what the finished product looks like.

This bread was so good and yummy!  My best Rye bread yet to date!  I think it could have used more caraway seeds, but it was delicious nonetheless.
I am looking forward to a ham sandwich for lunch with this rye bread today.  I am also thinking I might make another loaf this weekend for my mom and dad.  It was hearty, easy to slice, and flavorful.  It was heavy, though.  Dense but stayed together.  French bread tends to have these beautiful, odd shaped large air bubbles throughout its loaf.  This rye didn't have that.  It was compact but perfect size for sandwiches.  Rose nicely, but I used a loaf pan.  The previous ryes I made I didn't use a loaf pan, I tried to make them more traditional, and it didn't work. They were hard on the outside, crumbly on the inside.
Oh I'm so happy and proud of this bread!!!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I triple dog dare you to earn a free flight with me to Las Vegas this year!!

Okay, maybe I'm being dramatic here.  I have a goal to fly for free to Las Vegas this year.  I think everyone can make this their own goal, too.  How?  Simple...using Southwest's Rapid Rewards system.
Here is my goal: Earn at least one way free this year for my trip in October or November.  That gives me 10 months to earn a free one way flight. 
How do I plan on doing this?  

Monday, January 6, 2014

2014 isn’t messing around!  We are looking at -15 degrees today with a windchill of 40 below.  Last night we were in a state of emergency, and I believe that is still in effect this morning.  No internet, so I am writing my blog entry the good old fashioned way.  It reminds me of the snow days when I was a child.  It’s so quiet out right now.  It stopped snowing (for now), but the sun is out and the foot of snow we got yesterday is sparkly and reflecting light everywhere.  But its so cold, Frank is boycotting outside pottys.  He is trying to hold it as long as possible, poor boy.  I wrapped him up really good, using an old sweater (I made for my dog when I was a child) as a scarf for the boy. 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Homemade Tomato Flatbread Pizza

Making dinner for BD tonight, French bread and garlic shrimp pasta.  I took a bit of the bread dough and decided to make an appetizer with some garlic, olive oil, and heirloom tomatoes.  Voila!

Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 Resolutions-- put in print, hey this is real!

2014 Resolutions
  • Get organized and stay organized
  • Self publish at least one short story on kindle
  • Lose Weight-- goal of 140 pounds

And on today's to do list...journal!

I can't shake my dreams last night.  Since I have been on the added meds for this nasty viral infection, I have been having the most vivid and crazy dreams ever.  I thought my dreams were awful when I was first diagnosed, but again, I was immediately put on tons of meds and was receiving blood transfusions almost daily. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

About Me

My name is Lisa.  I am 37 years old and living in Indiana, United States.  I was diagnosed with APL (Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia) early in 2013.  I am in remission, but undergoing maintenance therapy.  2013 was a year of warrior training.  I went through so much.  Cancer is awful, and even though I know I had it easy compared to most other cancer patients, I would not wish it upon my worst enemy.  My cancer wreaked havoc on my whole body, inside and out.  I felt so sick.  My teeth hurt, my body bruised by a simple touch, my stomach and digestive system acted like I had a stomach bug.  I had the heaviest period of my life (gross!).  Going through treatment wasn't easier...chemotherapy can make you very sick, and the pills (all the meds) can cause other issues.  I had my gallbladder removed, I came down with C-diff, I was always tired, I lost my taste buds and lost tons of weight.  After I started to feel better, I gained all my weight back plus an additional 25 pounds!  Now I'm dealing with obesity and trying to get my body healthy.  Your muscles atrophy and disappear.  I had to go to physical therapy for 6 weeks to get my strength back.  My mind is a bit shot.  I forget things, get lost easier, and ask people the same question over and over.  I'm hoping keeping my blogs will help my mind. 
Other than the cancer stuff, I am a substitute teacher and special education paraprofessional.  I am also a Realtor---two things I love doing but they are both very stressful.  I haven't gone back to work yet...but hopefully I will return part time very soon.  I need to get over my viral infection first and amp up my immune system. 
I have too many hobbies, I'm kinda a psychopath in this way.  I love to bake.  I mean really bake, not use box mixes and grow my own yeast kinda bake.  I just ordered a gnocchi board with the giftcard my boyfriend gave me for Christmas.  I can't wait to make homemade gnocchi!! 
I also love crafts of any sort.  I knit, sew, crochet, paint, draw, and design.  I have a weird sense of style, I try to dress classic preppy, but other stuff gets mixed in.  I have no concept of my age.  I don't feel 37, and I definitely don't look it.
My mom and dad raised me in a conservative manner.  My mother taught me to sew and always told me I could do anything I wanted.  I believed her and still do.  I try new stuff all the time...sometimes I love it and immerse my life in it and other times I don't.  But, I always try something that peaks my interest.
I was a vegetarian for 11 years-- when I was 18-29.  I don't know why I continued to eat meat when I started up again, and sometimes I feel guilty when I eat meat, but I still love veggie pizza and don't need to have meat in a meal.  I do love liver sausage, bologna, ham, and shrimp, though, more than I ever thought I could.
I don't have any children.  My boyfriend and I have been together for eight (I think) years.  I just moved in with him a couple months before the cancer.  I have a dog, his name is Frank.  He is from a local shelter, and they estimated his age around 2 years when I got him.  I have had him 3 years this past thanksgiving (we call it Franksgiving).  He is pug/beagle/mix  and hates strangers.  He really hates strangers.  He tolerates my niece, who is almost 2.  She is a ray of sunshine and I love seeing her.  She rarely calls me Aunt Lisa...mostly its Leesssaaaaahh!! 
Family is everything to me. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 here I come

Well, Frank is here, lying on the bed next to me.  Stretched out, it looks like he is sleeping sitting up.  This dog is something else!
Its a new year, and I don't want to focus on cancer so much...I want to focus on Living.  That's why I started this new blog.  More to be my daily journal, I want to keep track of my mountains and my achievements.  That should make anything possible, right?

This past week has been a tough one for me.  I went to two emergency rooms, saw my doctor, and have been fighting a nasty respiratory infection.  Today is the first day since December 12 that I actually felt 'better'.