Thursday, March 6, 2014

Along the way...

Waiting for Frank to get out of bed, thought I would consider this a journal experience for a few minutes. 
Today is going to be a wonderful day!  We might hit the 30s!!  I can't wait, but I am a bit nervous about the fresh snow from yesterday and the sun...its wildy too bright lately for my eyes.  Seems to trigger the worst migraine headaches.  My doctors tell me its from the ATRA pills, but it doesn't help that I've had migraines my entire life. 
Going to lunch with Mom at Cici's pizza buffet today.  Taking Frank to the park for a walk (if he ever gets out of bed), going to visit my pals at the office and finally work out, work on my sister's birthday present and do some organizing for tax time.

ahhh....thank goodness BD is also having a busy work day himself.  That gives me time to make a mess around the

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