Monday, December 22, 2014

Everybody asks me, "What do you do in the winter?"

Sure, the past couple years I have been "off", but that was the same old question, time after time.
Everyone would ask me how I spend my free time in the winter.  Free time?

Isn't real estate dead in the winter in Northwest Indiana?

Um, well, yes and NO.  Here's the thing:  Many people don't want to put their house on the market during winter.  Its a mess.  You always have to keep the house presentable, and then a blizzard hits and your buyer doesn't show up...or, shows up and leaves a trail of wet snow all over your clean floor because they didn't want to take their boots off.  You packed everyone up, including the dog, and went to McDonalds for an hour...and now you are tired and upset.  Wow, I just went on a rampage, didn't I?

However, I have found that people who are serious buyers do still look in the winter...because they have to.  They have to find something.  Trust me, they would rather be making a french bread pizza and snuggling up with a blanket on their day off in the winter, too, just like you!  On the downside, not everyone who sees your house will want to buy it.  It doesn't mean they aren't serious buyers, they just know what they want...and for whatever reason, your house may not be it.  Don't take it personally or be offended.

So, am I off with free time?  Heck no!  I have a couple listings right now, a serious buyer that needs to find a home to be in before March, general potential client leads to answer to each day, and all my end of the year stuff to do, plus working on my marketing plan for 2015.  That has kept me very busy...what about you?  Even though I don't have a closing this month does not mean I'm not busy.  Realtors and real estate professionals don't just put in their hours and collect a paycheck every two weeks.  It works differently...we might work a file for 3 months before we see a check pertaining to that file.  Sometimes, the file never gets to closing...and we never get paid :(

But, with great risk comes great reward.  Again, I wonder why people take their homes off the market when the most serious buyers are looking, and usually pressed to make a decision.  Its a risk, but will it give you the reward you want?  Think about it.

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