Thursday, January 9, 2014

Why do our insecurities and fears come out in our dreams?

Is this true with everyone, or just something I'm noticing of late due to all the drugs I'm on?  Last night I remember 2 very distinct dreams.  So vivid, I can't shake them (lately this has been how I spend part of every day).
In dream one, the zombies were after us.  BD, Frank, and I were living in a house where there were already some zombies, and BD found a way to cure the zombies.  He took vegetables, similar looking to celery, broke them open, and an oily substance poured out of them.  We covered ourselves in this oil, and it protected us from zombie bites or infections.  It also healed the zombies.  Who would have guessed vegetable oil?  It was a hectic dream with people living in small quarters, sharing rooms, lots of mad crazy fight for your life kinda stuff.

Dream 2 was slightly different.  BD and I had our picture taken at the county.  While we were waiting for it to be developed and printed, they charged us $3 and gave us other pictures we never picked up.  Among those pictures were us with ghost animals, and I could remember when the pictures were taken, at a ghost petting zoo.  We also had to stuff BD's basement cellar with bags of ice, and I couldn't keep up with all the tasks BD needed me to do. 

I'm guessing part of these dreams stem from BD giving me a job of making a 14 day meal plan with the food I have stored in the basement.  After the snowpocolypse this week, he wants to make sure we have enough actual food in our storage for two weeks of no power or being snowed in.  We have lots of goodies down there, but over this past year, I have ate most of the canned ravioli and soups. 

Back to topic:  It seems like our fears about the next day and what's going on in my life all come out in my dreams, in very weird and vivid ways.  Does paying attention to my dreams and trying to analyze them help me or make me more of a worried person?  Is it good to pay attention to those details in my dreams, taking them for signs?  I wonder how much of my dreams are worth interpreting and how much are just tiny memories from the day compressed into an abstract piece of art.  At least last nights dreams (of what I remember) make sense after BD made it clear to me yesterday he wanted a meal plan.  BTW, I think that's silly, because I constantly go downstairs to get stuff to replace what we use.   If it makes him happy...its not that bad.

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