Friday, January 3, 2014

And on today's to do list...journal!

I can't shake my dreams last night.  Since I have been on the added meds for this nasty viral infection, I have been having the most vivid and crazy dreams ever.  I thought my dreams were awful when I was first diagnosed, but again, I was immediately put on tons of meds and was receiving blood transfusions almost daily. 

 I hope to get organized and stay organized this year.  Its BDs only thing he can't stand --- I'm a hurricane of sorts.  I collect tons of stuff and am horribly unorganized.  Well, at least I keep everything.  My organization, however, isn't un--organized...its more like organized chaos.  I know where everything is, it just doesn't look pretty.
All that is about to change.  I have been devoting about an hour a day, give or take a few distractions.  I have found tons of things I bought that I haven't even opened yet.  I mean, we are talking nail polishes, mascaras, lip gloss, m&ms, hand creams...all still new and not opened.  I cleaned up the past couple months on makeup with some coupons.  I figured I need to get in the habit of not keeping my makeup very long, like I used to.  I think there is too much bacteria that can float around in your makeup like a petri dish, and now that I have confirmed to myself my immune system really sucks (yes, really very much sucks), I need to not keep mascara for years.  So, I have lots of brand new backups. 

Besides getting organized, I am trying to do laundry today and pick up more meds.  I'm also trying not to move too much because my ribs are hurting.  From the coughing. 
Ahhh...I am usually not this scattered brained.  Hopefully, I will have a short story up here soon for everyone's review.  I resolve to write more this year, too.

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