Friday, May 16, 2014

Just Switched my cell to Ting. Have you heard of it?

After a month of researching, I made the plunge yesterday and signed up with Ting.
Ting is a cell phone service provider that uses the Sprint network.  Yet, for some reason, their prices are super low.  Maybe its because they don't provide you with a phone.  You can use a Sprint phone or buy a Sprint phone.  When Sprint offers "free" phones, the phones aren't really free because you are paying $80 or more a month for your service.  They calculate the cost of the phone in the pricing, but we never see it that way.

Ting doesn't have different plans to choose from.  They do, however, charge you for what you use...what a concept.  For someone like me that doesn't text a lot, I don't pay for texts I won't send.  I will probably fall into the 1-100 texts, which is a flat $3/month.  If you make/receive 101-1000 texts, its only $5 that month. You can talk 501-1000 minutes/month for only $18.  The best part?? You don't sign up for one tier of usage over just use your phone.  They figure out what you used and bill you accordingly.  I actually just finished setting up alerts on my account (which was super easy) to let me know when I get close to getting to another tier.   That way, if I'm close to the end of my month, I can just decide if I want to keep using or maybe scale back a bit so I don't go over that tier.  In the end, I plan to save big $$$ compared to where I was with Sprint!

The beauty of Ting is that I was able to use my Sprint phone.  That's right, since its on the Sprint network...I can just use my current phone!  No buying a new phone, learning how to use it.  When this phone goes kaput, I will need to buy another Sprint phone.  Ting does sell new and refurbished Sprint phones.  Seems ok to me.  I hate shopping for new phones...wait, I hate making a decision on what new phone to get.  Too many choices!!

If you are interested in Ting, please check their website:

Also, if you decide to try Ting, please click on my referral link below.  You will get $25 when you sign up to put towards buying a phone or off your first bill (if you already have a sprint phone).

If you sign up, Ting will also give me $25 off my next bill, too.  That's a great way to grow a business, don't ya think?!

Can't beat that!

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