Saturday, May 31, 2014

The yummy addiction of Fried Rice

Okay, so it might not be the healthiest meal, but I feel it comes close.  I have been on a fried rice kick for a few months now, its so fast, easy and exciting-- the mixing of flavors, the creativity of picking and choosing my ingredients.  I love it!

Have you ever made fried rice?  Its easy!

Basically, you start with rice.  I like to either use left over rice (even rice-a-roni!) or make some fresh rice.

I also put a little oil (olive, sesame, canola, whatever) in a saute pan and then add any veggies I like.  The picture here I used a bag of frozen stir fry veggies, some fresh sliced mushrooms, onion, green pepper and spinach.  I made my rice with frozen peas and carrots-- yum if you haven't done this before!

After the veggies are sizzling and cooked to your liking, add 1 egg (per serving).  Just crack it open, dump it on the veggies and stir constantly as it cooks.  You can add seasonings here if you like, I usually add some pepper, maybe crushed red pepper or paprika at this point.  

When the egg looks thoroughly cooked, toss your rice in, stir, and heat.  You can add sriracha and/or soy sauce or any other condiments here if you would like, too.  I usually add that in after I put it in my bowl.  

That's it!  Super easy and soooo yummy!  The possibilities are endless.  If you want to add some leftover meat, just add it in with the egg if its already cooked.  Add it in with the veggies or before-- depending on how long it will need to cook.  

Sometimes I like to take leftover pork roast or pot roast and add it in after I cook the veggies.  You just need to warm it all up.  

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