Monday, February 23, 2015

I can take no more SNOW and Frigid Temperatures! That's it, I'm done with winter!

That’s it, winter is over!  I can take NO MORE!

I am determined to will spring here soon!  I know I am early, but the negative temps today clashed with the extreme brightness and sunny factor out in Crown Point, Indiana today. 

I’m just fed up with winter--- isn’t anyone else?  I am happy to have experienced it, but I am so ready for spring, its not funny.  I want to feel the warmth, smell the flowers and even can’t wait for fresh cut grass! (gasp).

I’m looking forward to not wearing long johns under my clothes for all showings, making sure my extra handwarmers and all emergency packs are in the car I have--- the water in my bottle is not frozen.  Although I love an excuse to get a hot tea at Speedway or even splurge on a Hot Chocolate at Starbucks, I am finding my warm drink middle of the day excuse to become a bit pricey at this point, because I am driving by homes for bpos or meeting clients at showings almost daily.  Hey, its my job, but I just want it warmer.  I’m not picky—maybe start with a 30 degree day?

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