Thursday, April 16, 2015

The trouble with allergies

Last week, I had another allergy test at the allergist's office.  We went over both tests, as I had one the week before.  These are the no so comfortable tests where hey poke your back 60 time with different allergens--- I had it done twice, once for environmental items and another for food allergies.

The bad news:  I tested positive for dust mites and mold.  Our yard is wooded, so both of these might be in the air/house.  Who isn't allergic to dust mites and mold?  That's what I want to know.

The badder news:  I tested allergic to the following foods:  wheat, chocolate, almonds, peanuts (the smallest reaction), carrots, spinach, cauliflower, tuna, lamb, and pork. Oh- and potatoes and sweet potatoes, too! I make bread and/or some baked good almost daily.  I eat chocolate, bread, almonds, peanuts, carrots, potatoes, and pork almost daily, too.  I eat spinach, tuna, cauliflower a few times a week.  This sucks! 

What's worse: The past 7 days I have eliminated (at the advice of the allergist) all the items I am allergic to.  It has been really rough, and I am not happy. 
Before you say, "There is a lot of stuff that they make gluten free now", beware my wrath:  Most gluten free items contain potato (starch) and/or almond/nut flour, both of which I can't have. 

Going through withdrawal is awful.  I am having a hard time typing, as I am noticing now.  I have a sudden sinus issue that popped up a few days ago, complete with a gross, clumpy brown mucus.  I am constipated, but sometimes I have to go quite often.  I'm tired.  We are in day 7 and I still have some of my rash on my arms, near my shoulders and on my chest.  I know my skin is dry and flaky, so I am cutting some slack on that, but everything is so weird right now. I believe this all stemmed as a result of all the chemo and drugs, as it started about 6 weeks after I finished taking all my chemo pills.  I am not surprised if it takes longer to go through withdrawal, as my immune system is a bit slow and over sensitive lately. 

I am praying this is temporary and at some point I can go back to my favorites.  Poor BD is getting tired of our new diet.  He is also working hard to eat the rest of the offending products in the fridge so I'm not tempted.   I think he is sick of ham and all the shredded cheese (yes, potato starch a plenty) he has to eat. 

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