Sunday, April 5, 2015

Update on Frank the Dog

Most of you know how much I love animals and especially my best friend, Frank the Dog.  Frank had pancreatitis in March, and I thought I post a quick update on him.
Frank has been doing better.  He is off meds, and now he eats a prescription dog food. 
I've limited his treats to just Milk Bones.  I break them in half, he really doesn't need a whole treat 3xs a day.  Once a week I make him some rice with chicken or chicken broth...which he loves.  It lasts most of the week, as I add it to his food for a special treat.
Frank is still enjoying carrots, both raw and cooked.  He gets a baby carrot almost every day...he loves them so much!

We've also been walking more with the better weather.  Walking is so good for the dogs-- great exercise.  However, there has been an outbreak with the doggie flu lately in our area, so I haven't been taking him to the dog park, just to be on the safe side.  Even though you have to provide vaccinations to get entry, you never know when people are bringing other pets or if their records have expired and their card is still working to get in the park.  I am not ready to deal with another illness for frank, especially with hay fever season coming soon.  Last summer, Frank was on Benedryl most of the summer and some days had to stay inside.  His little puggle nose just couldn't take it!
Well, that's the update on Frank.  He's doing better and I'm so happy about it!

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